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Saturday, September 13, 2014

20 Facts that You Don't Need to Know Pun

Aku ingatkan main tagged-tagged facts ni dah berakhir dekat stegrem je, rupanya sampai ke blog aku kena tagged, which is bulan lepas tapi baru bukak hari ni. Maka sebab takde life sangat sejak dua tiga hari ni (dibaca: sebelum sentuh fyp) , so here I go..

 20 Facts About an Alel (Like everyone care uols)

1.       Family comes early. Family comes first. Family is my priority.

2.       I have no doubt in loving my mom and sisters more than I love myself.

3.       I love my four kiddo. I take care of them since they were born.

4.       I love cooking but don’t expect I can cook better than you because cooking is my hobby, tak sedap belakang rumah punya cerita.

5.       Arithmaticphobia.  It took only 30 minutes to answer addmaths paper during SPM. Kah kah. 

6.       I don’t deal with stupidity.

7.       Masa kecik I don’t play Barbie, masak-masak thingy, kahwin-kahwin thingy, but I played control car. Tu pun sebab pekse nombor satu kalau tak jangan harap nak dapat control car.

8.       I don’t wear skirts when I was young. Ada satu je skirt kaler biru checker, tu pun sepupu (Mira, adik beradik sesusu) kutuk buruk. I wore shorts and baju The Rock or any other superhero exist in this world; Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and Tasmania. Rasa hebatz gilerz engko...

9.       I was the best debater for three consecutive years when I was in secondary school. So do not underestimate my intelligence.  ;p

10.   Dulu nangis-nangis nak ambik TESL tapi Allah knows best. He will never makes mistakes. 

11.   Ambivert. – Someone who isn’t extrovert or introvert. She can be the talkative most of her time and she can be introvert suddenly.

12.   When I was young, I’ve been bullied by my sisters. They tied me with a rope because back then I was my dad crony.  Kaki mengadu.

13.   I listen to Tears by Leessang every time in the flight. Takde kektan, it just that rhythm dia sync dengan motion. Tak paham la tu kan? Kessah. 

14.   I count how many songs played to get reached to a destination.

15.   I used to shop alone, driving alone, working alone but I don’t fancy of being lonely.

16.   People who can make me cry, who can soften my heart ---- mother.

17.  I don’t like my past.  I love myself.

18.   Things that easily annoyed me;  a) Stupid GPS   b) You

19.   I am no longer tweeting. Dah habis dah zaman jadik sejenis tahi twitter.

20.   I have no favourite color. 

21.   It took one hour to fall asleep. Usually, sampai talipon jatuh atas muka baru boleh tido. 

22.   Gangsterz since forever.  Because kat rumah takde adik beradik lelaki, and back then I was my dad’s best friend so don’t expect la Abah nak treat macam peremps. Semua orang wajib belajar tukar tayar kereta, jadik carpenter, sembelih kambing (time kenduri), masuk hutan cari buluh lemang, foreman, painter as well masyaauloh my dad >.<

23.   I love driving. Being a passenger will drive me to dizziness. Village people la you know

24.   I love Borneo, my second home.

25.   I used to wrestle with friends when I've reached the level of boredom. My favorite superhero kononnya The Rock. Dulu la minat The Rock, sekarang hmph pelis la jenab

26.   I've been selected for international conference regarding on my fyp proposal. Alhamdullilah, yay!
27.   Low neuroticism. I can control my emotions towards any difficult things so far, but when it comes into my family, I'll be the most rapuh person. 

28.   Long name is a big no-no for my future kids, leulz.

29.   Only fools will describe himself. -- I'm one of them today. Pergi mamps. 

30.   Kenapa ada 30 Facts? Bukan 20 ke?

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